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Deadpool And The Black Panther Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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Two classic Marvel Heroes DeadPool and Black Panther team up to cause a little trouble in this fan made film.
This Marvel fan film see&#39;s Deadpool team up with Black Panther to free hostages from African militants and it tries so very very hard to be funny.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t mind cheap, I&#39;m not some elitist who only appreciates AAA movies but I am a firm believer in only sticking with things you can afford to make. <br/><br/>The whole thing looks cheap and nasty, it sounds terrible and the level of writing is comparable with a 3rd grade writing exercise.<br/><br/>Silly, purile, and entirely swinging above the creators weight this is an embarassment.<br/><br/>The Good:<br/><br/>1-2 funny moments<br/><br/>The Bad:<br/><br/>Yet another ethnicity change<br/><br/>Funny as a hernia<br/><br/>Too much god nonsense<br/><br/>Panther looks awful<br/><br/>Things I Learnt From This Movie:<br/><br/>Telling a former hostage to spare your life with promise of marriage doesn&#39;t work

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