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Akshaye is an army commando who find out that his younger brother, Ajay, who reside in the U.S. is abducted and held as hostage by a female criminal don, Maya. Maya is responsible for hosting illegal wrestling matches which involves two wrestlers with one killing the other. Akshaye travels to the U.S. with a motive of having his brother free at any cost - even if it means risking his life by taking part in Maya's deadly game of wrestling.
A female criminal don, Maya hosts illegal wrestling match in the U.S, and has the full support of the American Police Commissioner. A singer, Ajay Malhotra with the help of his girlfriend gathers enough evidence against Maya and is going to provide this to the police but before this could happen, Ajay himself is trapped, is wanted by the police and is held captive in Maya's clutches until he hands over this evidence to her. His brother, Akshaye, an army officer, now relocates to the U.S. and begins a manhunt for his brother, himself reaches up with Maya and begins to work as hitman for her. Watch as the events turn around as Maya falls in love with Akshaye and Akshaye loves her younger sister, Priya and will be asked to choose between either, as a wrong choice may jeopardize the life of his brother, Ajay.
As usual, like all the 90&#39;s films, a nearly 3 hour long entertainer,KKK is one of the few movies in the &#39;Khiladi&#39; series that can be watched.No I am not full praise for this, but compared to other Khiladi films,this one is OK.Apart froM this I feel one can also watch &#39;Sabse bada khladi&#39; and &#39;khiladi&#39; .No other.<br/><br/>Story revolves around Army officer Akshay who comes to the US to attend his younger brother&#39;s wedding,meets Priya on the way and it&#39;s love at first sight, but soon realizes that nothing is right, and so he jumps into a game of deception and danger to rescue his brother Ajay and Ajay&#39;s fiancée from the wicked Maya,a &quot;don ruling the US&quot; and incidentally Priya&#39;s sister, and King Don,Maya&#39;s rival.<br/><br/>The makers have tried to use the WWF mania to their advantage to hype this film,but I think the wrestlers are all fake.<br/><br/>Some of the dialogs between Akshay and Rekha are good. <br/><br/>Songs are really noteworthy.<br/><br/>Some action sequences are fake. Quite a lot of overacting too. <br/><br/>And imagine an old lady trying to romance a young man!!!thoo thoo!!!That is really disgusting.<br/><br/>Overall the concept is not bad but the film has its flaws,like I mentioned above.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t think this film would&#39;ve done well.<br/><br/>You can watch it once.
In the 90&#39;s mad films dominated, Akshay Kumar did several stupid and some entertaining films<br/><br/>This can be put in the entertaining list but it&#39;s lot stupid too<br/><br/>There are some crude scenes, especially the Akshay-Raveena portion in the plane and also several more lots of fight scenes and of course Akshay vs Undertaker which is a highlight<br/><br/>The main story is good and well handled but the film gets too much many times especially the finale fight where Akshay is shown like a tiger<br/><br/>Direction is decent Music is okay<br/><br/>Akshay Kumar looks ugly with that long fringe and fat body those days and overacts in comedy(like he did those days) and does okay in serious scenes Raveena is her usual self Rekha is the highlight, she excels in a negative role Gulshan Grover is okay Inder Kumar is okay in his first film

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